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An Insight on Crawling and Indexing System of Google

The Crawling and Indexing processes basically lays the foundation for a search made on Google. When a visitor types a query, the search engine makes use of the crawling procedure to find the relevant information. Subsequently, it organizes the information in the form of an index. In simple terms, one can consider the web as an ever-growing library, offering billions of books.

When a visitor wants to look up the details of a particular product/service, Google first collates all the information, and then creates an index, which is similar to an index of a book. To achieve optimal rendering and indexing for a site,

Google has developed the following Webmaster Guidelines:

1.  Allowing Googlebot to access CSS, JavaScript, and image files

By allowing Googlebot to access CSS, JavaScript, and image files used on a web page, one can enhance the chances of attaining optimal rankings. Of course, one also needs to ensure that the server can handle the extra load for serving of CSS, JavaScript, and other files to Googlebot. For expert advice in this domain, one may contact a website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which possesses a strong team of web experts, software developers, and technicians.

2. The web design must comply with the principles of progressive enhancement

This ensures that Google can view usable content and functionality of all the web design elements and features. To understand the rules of progressive enhancements, one may contact a reliable web designing company in Delhi.

3. Ensure that the pages render quickly

Pages that perform fast enable visitors to derive information easily. Further, it also helps Google to index such pages efficiently. By removing unnecessary downloads, merging the CSS and JavaScript files, and serving them as compressed or zipped file, one can optimize the performance of the pages.  With the help of an esteemed web designing company Delhi, one can surely ensure that pages download faster, thus generating a great user experience for the site visitors. Here’s a list of 4 Ways That Ensure Fast Loading Speed of Web Pages.

By following these above-mentioned tips, an organization can definitely obtain high search rankings for its website.

Why a Web Design Portfolio Is Incomplete Without Some Case Studies

Case studies are generally built for design projects by studios and practicing freelancers all over the world. These case studies can be on various topics from branding, mobile UI/UX design, composting, and web design. A Web Designing Company in Delhi  like Web Solution Centre can help you make such portfolios.

website designing portfolio india

When it comes to web design, remember that design and case studies go hand in hand. They are made from an educational perspective and will normally include lots of photos and details about the project.

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Here are some basics of case studies you should incorporate while making your own case study on principles or outcomes of web design:

1)     They Are Made Stage-Wise

All case studies highlight achievements and hurdles of each step of the project with supplementary photos, notes and markup to tell the reader about how each challenge was overcome to progress onto the next stage of the development, design or deployment process.

It will also feature sketches; prototypes even rejected ideas and reasons why they were rejected. This tells your prospective recruiter or client about your expertise and experience in your industry.

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2)     Showcase Your Creative Process

By adding supplementary images and sketches along with detailed explanation of each step, you give your client an insight into your overall creative process. It should demonstrate the expanse of your knowledge and shows how much understanding you have for each step of the website development process.

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3)   Showcase Your Creativity

Breakup your design into various sections and explain how you made them with detailed demonstration of the process either through video or audio clips with supplementary text.

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By taking apart the design, you can add tooltips to explain your approach towards different elements of the overall design and how you weigh negative space allocation.

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Also mention the time it took you to complete each artwork, animation or typographic so that your recruiter or client can know that you do not waste time on littered prototypes and you take your design seriously from the beginning.

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4)   You can add personal work

If seeking a job or project is your purpose, it is not necessary to include only client work in the study, you can put in personal work too to show projects you did for fun or how you grew as a designer.

This is called spec work where you add elements as speculation into a study where payment did not fall through but might sell in the future.

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5)     Showcase Your Skill set

It is not necessary that a UI designer knows only how to make websites and mobile applications. Sometimes, they can be good at coding and motion graphics design too which can help you cater to motion graphics or compositing projects alike. For this, you should add a demo reel or show reel into the portfolio too.

These are some basics of Web Design Portfolio that you should showcase inside your case study or portfolio. Add only those projects that you feel showcase your work best. Quality and not quantity is what matters.

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Importance of Title & Description Tags in SEO

Title & Description Tags play an important role in attracting traffic and enhancing the organic search rankings. In fact, they both play a key role in an effective web design process. Further, from the marketing aspect, both these tags are essential, as they are the first part of the website which is viewed by potential customers. For expert advice on SEO & web design, one may contact a reputed website designing company in Delhi.

title and meta description

There are several factors to consider while creating tags for title & description. Firstly, one should always remember that first-time visitors will make their decision based on the content of these tags. One should think of them as billboard displays. The more attractive they appear, more visitors will be intrigued to click on the link. At times, the search results may be ambiguous, such as the word ‘frames’ may refer to eyeglasses or even photo frames. Hence, it is imperative that these tags display the precise nature of business. Another aspect worth-considering is whether one should include the website URL in the tag itself. Experts are of the opinion that a well-established brand need not resort to the inclusion of the site’s URL. However, struggling brands may opt for this technique. Another excellent way of increasing traffic is to review the tags of rivals & competitors, and replicate their best practices, while focusing on their weak points. Further, some web designers recommend not altering the tags once they are established. This is primarily because the search engine may misunderstand it as a spamming activity. Irrespective of how simple & easy it may sound, creating such tags requires a specific skill-set & technical expertise. A reliable web designing company Delhi, such as, Web Solution Centre, assists companies in getting the optimum number of clicks on search engine results.

The mantra of using a title & meta description effectively is not to clutter it with keywords and ensuring that it is being written for humans who would undertake their decision of clicking based on the content displayed. It is preferable if an enterprise and an eminent website development company Delhi jointly put in efforts to create ideas that will attract the target audience.

Simple Tips for Optimizing Images on Websites

Images form a core element of most of the websites. However, it’s not enough to merely upload pictures on the site. For improving search engine visibility and increasing load times, it is imperative to optimize the images. A premier website designing company in Delhi will understand the significance of image optimization. There are primarily four ways of optimizing images which include using picture descriptions, decreasing image file size, and using the right dimensions & file type. By applying a file name, an ‘alt’ attribute, or a title attribute, one can describe the image. image optimization   One should also remember that while naming the file, it is advisable to use hyphens instead of underscores. Most of the search engines, particularly Google, places special emphasis on using an ‘alt’ attribute. For expert advice, one may contact a web designing company Delhi such as Web Solution Centre which provides efficient solutions for web designing and search engine optimization. With proper image dimensions, one can increase the site load speed. Instead of depending on the browser to resize a large image, it is preferable to use the exact dimensions. While there is an array of file types, the most popular and commonly used are JPEG and PNG. By selecting the proper image type, one can drastically reduce the size of the file and enhance the picture’s clarity. For large and photographic images, one can opt for JPEG, and for smaller pictures with minimal photographic elements, one can choose PNG. Further, for text pictures, one should make use of PNG. Another way to reduce the file size is to lower the image quality to 80 percent while saving. This will render no visible image degradation and will only decrease the size of the file. This is particularly useful for a page which has many thumbnail pictures. By removing irrelevant metadata such as date, camera used, and last edited details, one can further reduce the file size. Web designers working for a reputed web designing company in Delhi use applications such as Adobe Photoshop and RIOT for adjusting image quality, changing file type, removing unnecessary metadata, and finally comparing the resultant image with the original picture.

Services of Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored in this era of technology development as there are greater chances that a potential customer will get to your business through the internet option. Because of this reason, it is very important that a website remains on the top pages of the popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and others. Obtaining higher positions in the search results of the search engine is the basic purpose of seo companies and Web Solution Center is considered as one of the best seo company as the professionals make use of the basic as well as advanced techniques in order to get the work done.

Many web designing companies also incorporates this feature which tends to make the website seo friendly. This web designing company also offers the services of search engine optimization which is an added feature to its diverse portfolio.

In the process of web development one of the most effective techniques that generate long term results is that of a search engine optimization feature. This process involves a campaign through which a website developer tends to adopt those Internet marketing solutions through which the ranking of the website is increased in search engines which optimally results in more and more visitors.

In addition to making the website attractive to the visitors which are very well performed by graphic design companies making it emerge out on some of the top positions will also put a positive impact on the business. The Web Solution Center, being a web designing company also offers the services of seo as well as serving as a graphic design company The process tends to increase the web world exposure of the business and its offerings thereby, resulting in the increase of traffic as well as conversions of visitors into potential consumers.

The Web solution Center is involved in offering a complete solution to your web presence in the form of a seo campaign which is very attractive as well as effective in its working. The plans are tailored as per the requirements of the business. They tend to cater all types of business whether it is operating on a small scale or on the larger scale.

Since, people tend to visit those websites more which appears on the top of the search engine results, the amount of traffic drawn on a website will eventually enjoy a good reputation among the visitors along with the incentive of earning higher in a short time period.

Web Designing Business has Got a Prominent Place on the Web

From the last decade, this has been noticed that the healthy competition within all businesses around the globe. Especially, for the web development companies, you require creativity plus upgraded technological innovations are the most important require to survive in this competitive online world. In addition, who’re providing superb web development client services will be viewed as the perfect services. The majority of the executives want to see their own website should be technologically upgraded. Exclusively experienced excellent web development business will provide these facilities. You have to think about so many points and necessary factors must remember whilst selecting the web designing companies for your internet seo company.

Initially, you need an internet site, which must be creative plus accurate and once this comes to the newest technology this should be outstanding. You can find so many functions to be done once this comes to web designing companies such as Internet marketing, software development, website creation as well as a graphic design company and much more to accomplish. However, you can find so many web development companies are accessible for the planet however; this is difficult to acquire the top and perfect one for the business requirements.

Furthermore, many of these web designing companies are providing graphic designing, once this involves graphic designer task, they should have a higher level artistic as well as creativity level, which could go unsaid. A lot of people might overlook on this graphic designer work, which should be an expert one for this business development. Nevertheless, such graphic designers even need expertise within marketing, advertising, plus communications. You have to think about some unique reasons for seeking an internet site like is this assist full to the business development and personal purpose and to share your own opinion with throughout the world clients.

With these queries, you will obtain a clearer vision about which sort of web design plus hosting you’ll need. So many folks are having a lot of knowledge on these graphic design companies, plus they are willing to design their internet site by them. In addition hiring a professional and also well skilled graphic design company might be a most suitable selection for them. In addition to another one is the seo companies the majority of the suppliers are now obtaining realization about the seo design, which will assist them to become an excellent polished product, or service in maintaining their brand as this is perceived offline.

Because of the heavy competition on the internet reselling business, numerous web developers are utilizing a few special architectures for the seo company in accordance with their client demands to enhance sales. From the previous few years, this has been noticed that such internet sites are performing an important role within on the internet transactions to buy together with the sale of products on the web. By using the advent of the internet, all the trading with seo sites has grown considerably in fact this is the key reason for development of this seo web development.

SEO Starter Guide 2010 By Google

Just recently, Google revealed their SEO Starter Guide for 2010, which is updated with the many alterations SEO has undergone since the first release of the guide in 2008. The starter guide is said to be aimed for those who are just starting out in SEO, as well as a bit of a refresher manual for experienced SEOs. The guide is excellent for those who are interested in learning about SEO, and great for proven SEOs to learn more about how Google views search engine optimization.

The content inside the SEO Starter Guide has changed a lot since its first release in 2008. One of the noted additions is the section committed to SEO for mobile browsing. The aspect of giving focus to SEO for mobile phones is a huge addition since most Internet users can now surf the Internet through their mobile phones. In the section, Google helps people see why there is a demand to have a mobile edition of a website, as well as how to cover SEO for it.

Although the information in the Google SEO Starter Guide is just basic, it helps solidify the fact that SEO will remain, despite the freshly released Google Instant system. It is a known fact that a number of people have declared that with the introduction of Google Instant, SEO is said to be on its deathbed. As it turns out search engine optimization is still as strong as ever, and still very critical too.

The starter guide also helps readers understand keywords and the reasons why good keyword research is necessary. It explains that keyword researching is important to SEO, and that it simply cannot be done by simple guesswork.

Learning SEO is not exactly hard to achieve. However, persistence, time, and diligence are necessary in order to process quality search engine optimization. With the Google Starter Guide, those who are new to SEO can find pretty much a lot of the fundamental information involved. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that this would achieve the same results of an SEO professional. If you want fast results, get a knowledgeable SEO. Still, it is a great idea to read the Google Starter Guide in order to discover about SEO and its numerous aspects.

Get Your Site To The Top

Why should you bother with learning about search engine optimization? The fact is that search engine optimization is an inexpensive way of effectively advertising your business, as you don’t need to hire a professional if you have the right advice. Your small business will benefit from as much exposure as you can possibly give it, so be sure to follow these simple steps to get more business from your web presence.

For the best SEO results, remember to have a strong title tag. The title tag is easily one of the most potent tools a webmaster has at their disposal. Choose interesting keywords and consider the fact that the title will be read by both humans and search engines. A strong title tag is one of the keys to successful search engine optimization.

Be sure that you write your META description that is unique to each page with targeted keywords. Be careful not to stuff the keywords into the description. It should be a very well written summary of each page written for the site visitor and not for the robot looking for the site.

Links are more important in the process of increasing your site’s appearance on prominent search engines than certain “keywords.” Although these keywords may satisfy certain search algorithms, major search engines change their algorithms too often for you to count on them. Instead, make sure your site links to other related sites, blogs, etc.

Search engine optimization, which is also called SEO in the tech world, is a form of marketing. You simply use key words or phrases in your content in a specific way that will generate higher search engine rankings. This will direct people looking for what you have to your site.

Try to butter up to some well-known influential bloggers or authority sites that have a lot of respect and get a lot of hits. This is the easiest way to raise your search engine optimization because if you become known by someone “famous” then they will most likely link to your page and it instantly becomes better known.

As you can see, search engine optimization is a highly customizable and inexpensive way of promoting your business on the web. With regular time investment, this process is relatively easy to initiate, and requires only moderate upkeep. You will be thankful you followed this advice once your site traffic picks up!

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Easy To Use Twitter Marketing Tips

If you like to stay on top of ways to promote your business, then you will definitely want to learn how to use twitter marketing correctly. Whether you’re business is on a corner or completely online, it can benefit by using this strategy to get more leads and make more sales. With Twitter, you have millions of potential customers which you can reach 24 hours a day.

More than likely you have already taken the plunge and are enjoying the service which Twitter offers. If you already have then you know how quickly you can build a loyal following of other users. You can use the same techniques to build up a large list of people who will follow your business in the same manner.

If you have not already set up a business account for Twitter, then you will have to do so. Unless you are selling your self as an expert in a certain area, then you should not use your own name. Your business name will reflect the topical theme which you will be posting about to your followers.

Starting from the beginning, branding your new Twitter account is very important. You want other users to see the name of your business and recognize immediately what it is you have to offer. Do not make your name something silly if you are trying to seriously market your product or service or you will not be taken seriously. You want to brand your name as being the one person to contact for what you have to offer.

Twitter allows you to have a profile which you can use to your advantage. By placing pertinent information about your business in your profile you will effectively have a small advertisement. While you are posting interesting tweets some individuals will check out your profile, so you want to let them know what you have to offer.

Keep in mind that Twitter was not created for advertisers. It was created as a social club where people can get together and share their lives in real time. Spreading your advertisements throughout the day will help you be seen as a real person who is still interested in communicating with people. Making one advertisement posts after another throughout the day will get your account permanently banned.

Twitter marketing is a highly effective online tool which can bring in traffic and sales to your website. Remember it is a social community which was created for people to communicate with one another, and not specifically for advertisers. Being a responsible marketer will make you welcome within this community and lead to more profits for you.

There are several Twitter marketing weapons which will make your life infinitely easier. In this Twitter marketing resource you’ll learn all you’ll need to know.

Look To Video Marketing If You Want More Sales

Video marketing continues to grow as the ways to promote on the web develop more easily everyday. If you want to develop your name and business online, this can rapidly put you in front of your target audience giving you the opportunity of optimal exposure. There are actually billions of views for online videos each month from all the video sharing websites. These videos are being seen for longer and the stats will continue to go way up.

If you look at the growth of Facebook and Twitter, then this is definitely appropriate to social networking. People like to talk about and show what they really like, which is why social networking is sizable and why videos are such a great format for this. The consumer electronics market is making the speed of change even better. If you just take the example of smart phones and iPads, you begin to realize that these are perfect platforms for sharing videos. If you have a look around when you are on the train or walking in your town or city, people are utilizing hand held products to access media.

It for that reason makes sense that video is an essential ingredient of the marketing blend online and yet for many it remains rarely used. For many of us the perception that it may be too techie or the fear of actually being on camera can discourage us. The fact is that you no longer need expensive gear and the ability to get a video on the web is now comparatively easy. If you would like something simple that can do the job for you, then you might want to look at a flip camera which can be totally suitable. With regards to what you are looking to produce, the requirement for you to appear on camera is usually not needed in any case.

In actual fact, there is certainly no need for you to end up being on camera as it very much would depend on what type of presentation you are conducting. A tested video method uses a combination of power point and a screen capture product from a business like Camtasia. There are even web sites like Animoto where you can upload images and choose music and written text to go with these and a video will be created for you.

In terms of the arrangement of your video this will most likely be influenced by the industry you are in. If you fully understand your customer base then this helps you produce something desirable. If you want to be seen as an authority for instance, informative type presentations can quickly get you noticed. Seeing what is inside a product or exactly how it works can be handy if you are involved in affiliate marketing and advertising and you can give an unbiased opinion.

If you feel it is right for you, it is possible to make funny videos that individuals feel compelled to distribute which is exactly the reaction you would want. For more sales online, you need to have more people to visit your website and marketing with video can help you to make it happen.

I am a freelance SEO consultant working in India. I have been helping companies from all over the world to get front page rankings in a wide range of industries. I also run an Aberdeen SEO website.