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3 Essential Steps Behind Designing a Website for Emotions

An effective web design is one which makes the users feel a specific way and encourages them to take the desired action. This attribute is known as ‘’designing for emotions.” To achieve this goal, one may take the assistance of a website designing company in Delhi, which may help to undertake certain steps, one at a time, to ensure that the emotions are being exhibited in the right manner and flow.

website designing company in delhi

Step 1: Defining realistic and definite goals

One should start the project by defining explicit goals of the website. These should also correspond with the overall objectives of the business. For instance, for an e-commerce site, the ultimate goal would be to maximize sales figures, and for that they would have to incorporate elements of cross selling, which would aid in enhancing the purchasing power of each customer. For more tips in this domain, one may consider hiring the services of an esteemed website designing company in Delhi, such as, Web Solution Centre, which offers specialized solutions in online marketing, branding, and allied functions.

Step 2: Defining and prioritizing users

Secondly, it is imperative to understand the target audience. This can be achieved by looking for answers to questions, such as, number of male and female customers, their corresponding education & income level, and other pertinent information. The pivotal point is that the company should be aware of consumer behavior and habits, so that it can design a site that would fulfill the requirements of its potential and existing clients.

Step 3: Finalizing the desired emotions to be exhibited

It is of paramount importance to understand the emotions to be conveyed through the website. One may want the interface to trigger feelings of relaxation, fun, innovation, or dynamism. One needs to decide the emotion to be exhibited and design accordingly, so that the interface conveys the true message of the organization and the brand. For expert advice, one may get in touch with a proficient web designing company Delhi.

By following the above-mentioned steps, one can craft an interface which is stunning and effective. For best results, one may also want to know about Simple Ways to Make a Website Stand Out From Its Competitors

Host Subdomain Name on Different Web Hosting

Host website on a server is easy thing to do and today almost everyone know’s how to do it.Recently we tried to host on different server because of huge amount of data we were having on one of our client’s domain name and faced lots of issues while doing the same.

Reason being limited space provided  on dedicated servers make impossible to continue on single hosting. It becomes super essential to have separate hosting on different servers to get the opportunity to have more web space along with security of data.

As like everyone we thought initially it would be easy to connect different hosting with sub domain name however when we start working on it, We faced lots of issues as we found it is not easy to create multiple hosting on a same domain name. After several attempts we got succeeded and would like to share with everyone!
So in order to host sub-domain name on different host. Follow the following steps :-

1.  Open Web Hosting  Panel like for example ( It’s not necessary that your control panel URL is going to be same as mentioned example.)  Once your hosting panel is opened find out the Advanced DNS Zone Section.

linux hosting panel

2. Once it opened Insert the desired sub domain which you would like to connect with new hosting. After inserting sub domain name insert the default TTL value ’14400′. Select Type as ‘A’ and after selecting Type as ‘A’ record insert the I.P address of your new hosting and click on Add record.

advanced dns zone editor

Once the record is added. Kindly wait for 24-48 hours to propagate sub domain name with I.P address. Once it done go ahead and create hosting for sub domain name.


Top Trends in Web Design elements This Year

Normally, design is a trial and error method. There are specifically no principles that can state that a certain design is good or bad. Only a website visitor can tell what they like or dislike in the web design. It all comes down to aesthetics and what looks good.


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Here are some trends of 2015 in web design that are ruling the minds of web designers all over the world:

1)     Ghost Buttons

This is normally the flat UI design technique where any button is simply text and the ‘button’ feel activates only when you hover the mouse pointer over the text. They can be completely empty in background or have a semi-transparent look. The hover adds some color and provides the button with a little distinctive notoriety to highlight it as a design element.

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Color, font size and contrast are normally used with padding to draw attention towards the buttons. A ghost button helps to force the visitor to see the entire web page and keep them busy in searching for links that turn out to be buttons.

Ghost buttons are perfect if your web design has very flat or minimalistic layouts for creating brilliant websites.

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2)     Feature List Icons

Most companies that make mobile apps, startups and creative agencies like to make brilliant use of graphics or blocks of texts to better showcase the features with the help of sentences that are supplied with small icons.

For e.g. if you have a software, the text will be designed around individual icons that illustrate the feature in action like we use cogs and gears for ‘settings’ and a ‘person’ for profile avatars.

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Hundreds of websites worldwide use this technique to attract visitor attention towards the features of various services or products and this helps to make the website look more unique and engaging.

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3)     Galleries & Slideshows

Almost all websites have some media slideshow or dynamic galleries running on their home page or portfolio pages. These slideshows and galleries are coded to run on any screen size to aid in the ‘responsive design techniques’ approach.

Normally, a simple carousel plugin is needed that is responsive and it is coded with JavaScript and jQuery in accordance with your HTML/CSS layout to achieve the desired effect. Some websites like CMS portals feature full screen slideshows that offer content within each tile or image with a simple click. This way, the homepage is easier to use, loads faster and feels smoother.

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4)     Dynamic Storytelling

This is basically ‘Parallax design’ that aims to tell a story within one page with multiple clicks that keep on unfolding one after the another as the user clicks the intended ghost buttons. Most Google doodles and web games are like this only. Each set of graphics, animations, text and page section unfolds like a storybook’s pages one after the other without reloading the page.

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5)     Fixed Sliding Nav-bar

Most headers are fixed in traditional websites, but now Nav-bars are kept on top of the screen at all times across all pages. For e.g. the layout of Facebook or most social media websites, is like this only to help you gain access to frequently visited pages from any page you are currently only. While some people may complain that it takes up space on screens, it is now becoming a default selection for most web designers for aesthetic design.

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Graphic & Web designing Trends of the Present

Over the years, we have seen that the web design trends keep changing. This is primarily because of constant changes in consumer behavior and the advent of new technologies. The ultimate aim, however, is to provide a great user experience to the viewers.

web designing trends

Listed below are a few graphic & web design trends which are currently prevailing in the market:   

Large Background Images

Whether it’s an e-commerce or a portfolio site, images help in conveying the precise message, as well as engaging the audience. However, care should be taken to avoid using fluffy pictures for adorning the site. In fact, one should make use of natural-looking images which would tell a story or illustrate the message.

Mobile Responsive Sites

Statistics reveal that every third website visitor now owns a smartphone. With more and more people wanting to access their favorite websites on their mobiles or tablets, it has become imperative for companies to come up with mobile responsive sites. Such sites not only give an optimal viewing experience, but also help the company in terms of efficiency & cost-effectiveness.

Video Background

With the introduction of 3D graphics & HD quality videos, it is a good idea to have a video background for the website. Videos help in conveying the idea & emotion in a much simpler way, which can be easily digested by the viewer. For expert tips in this domain one may contact Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, holding a vast experience in providing web solutions to varied segments & industries.

Single Page Design

There is no denying that people find it easier to scroll than to click. Thanks to the excessive mobile phone usage, users prefer to scroll around instead of clicking & waiting for the content to download. This change in browsing behavior led to the advent of single page websites, wherein viewers can access chunks of information at once. For more guidance on creating one- page websites, organizations may get in touch with a reputed website development company Delhi.

With the help of a web designing company Delhi, organizations may incorporate the latest graphic trends in their websites.

Pointers For Designing a Fabulous Website

An organization would not want to have a site that is functionally great but doesn’t appear attractive. Further, one wouldn’t like to have a site which looks beautiful, but is difficult to navigate through. With the help of an eminent website development company Delhi, one can have a well-balanced web interface that would make it simple and easy for viewers to access the information displayed. Listed below are a few pointers that one shouldn’t forget to apply while designing a site:

White space

White space, also known as negative space, refers to a design section which is not filled up with any content or graphics. Often organizations make the mistake of covering every inch of the web page with images and colors. However, this renders a clustered outlook to the site. Hence, it is important to provide white space wherever possible.

Unified Layout


While dramatically, one web page may be different from another, it is important to apply the underlying theme on all the pages to give the site a unified appearance. By availing the services of a web designing company in Delhi, one can give a planned and organized look to the interface.

 Golden Ratio & Balance

golden ratio rectangle

Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion is an example of a classic design which delivers visually stunning websites. By implementing this basic principle, one can craft an appealing interface for its customers. Further, one should also take care of maintaining an overall balance of the layout in a logical fashion.

Screen Resolution

screen resolution

It is of paramount importance to design the layout which offers the ideal width. It is frustrating for a visitor to scroll left and right for viewing the site. For more tips & guidance on screen resolution, one may contact a website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in crafting sites for varied industries and requirements.

Needless to say, there are several other factors which one should keep in mind while crafting a web design. However, the ones mentioned above are often ignored unintentionally. If followed, these pointers will definitely provide inspiration and ideas for a fabulous interface.

Why is it Important to Create Accessible Websites?

The primary reason of creating a website is to cater to the entire audience. However, organizations often forget to incorporate the aspect of accessibility while designing the site. An accessible website is one which enables people with disabilities to view and use the site. For instance, a site may offer high contrast, text only versions, enlarged text, transcripts of audio & media, and other functions that may help visitors with disabilities to view the interface with ease.

website accessibility

While discussing the web project with a website designing company in Delhi, an organization may carefully analyze the means by which they can cater to an audience suffering from weak eyesight, hearing problems, color blindness, movement disability, or complete blindness. One need not make a checklist of all types of disabilities, but can surely look out for ways by which the site is easier for everyone to use. What’s more, statistics reveal that accessible websites reap the benefits of better search results, an enhanced reach to audience, low maintenance costs, and much more. Some of the ways by which an organization can make its site accessible is as follows:

Keyboard Input: This facility comes in handy for those who find it difficult to move the mouse. Senior citizens often face the problem of using the mouse with precision. It enables visitors to view the site by solely relying on the keyboard functionality.

Alternative text for images: For those who suffer from partial or complete blindness and use a screen reader which reads aloud the text displayed on the page, it is essential to provide alt text for images. For expert tips & guidance on such web services, one may contact a web designing company Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in creating functional websites.

Text transcripts for audio files: Such transcripts make the audio information accessible to customers who are hard of hearing.

Today, there are several large companies which focus on offering accessibility. By getting in touch with an eminent website development company Delhi, organizations may create a functional & productive interface for the audience at large.

The Importance of Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

A website with great graphics and rich content is of no use if it is not visible on the internet. There are several ways of making one’s business and website garner the attention of customers. Facebook is a spectacular platform for online marketing, which enables a company to reach to a crowd of more than 3 million across the entire globe. Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi assists its clients in creating a Facebook page and utilizing the facilities offered by the site to the fullest. Listed below are a few reasons why one should consider Facebook for online promotion of his/her business:

facebook websolutioncentre

  • Statistics reveal that a Facebook user spends almost 55 minutes on the social media site every day. One hour is a lot of time for any business to grab the attention of its potential customers.
  • Facebook also gives an organization an opportunity to avail the benefits of high search rankings and enhanced visibility. By contacting an SEO Company in Delhi, one can use optimized and informative content, which will definitely pose a positive effect on the search engine results.
  • A Facebook Page enables an enterprise to categorize its products & services, accept followers & fans, and provide an interactive space where customers can ask questions and engage with the organization.
  • If one opts for public content, the real-time search results will exhibit the Facebook page during relevant searches.
  • This social media site works on the dynamics of virtual word-of-mouth publicity. On an average, every Facebook user has 130 friends, and thus, every time a user ‘likes’ the business page, it reflects on the news feed of his/her friends. Hence, each ‘like’ results in the marketing and exposure of the business to another hundred members on the website.
  • Last but not the least, this is a free online marketing tool which offers excellent opportunities for reaching out to the audiences, enhance SEO rankings, and improve visibility of the product/service.

By contacting a website development company Delhi, an organization can utilize Facebook for promoting its business to a large audience at one go.

Simple Tips for Optimizing Images on Websites

Images form a core element of most of the websites. However, it’s not enough to merely upload pictures on the site. For improving search engine visibility and increasing load times, it is imperative to optimize the images. A premier website designing company in Delhi will understand the significance of image optimization. There are primarily four ways of optimizing images which include using picture descriptions, decreasing image file size, and using the right dimensions & file type. By applying a file name, an ‘alt’ attribute, or a title attribute, one can describe the image. image optimization   One should also remember that while naming the file, it is advisable to use hyphens instead of underscores. Most of the search engines, particularly Google, places special emphasis on using an ‘alt’ attribute. For expert advice, one may contact a web designing company Delhi such as Web Solution Centre which provides efficient solutions for web designing and search engine optimization. With proper image dimensions, one can increase the site load speed. Instead of depending on the browser to resize a large image, it is preferable to use the exact dimensions. While there is an array of file types, the most popular and commonly used are JPEG and PNG. By selecting the proper image type, one can drastically reduce the size of the file and enhance the picture’s clarity. For large and photographic images, one can opt for JPEG, and for smaller pictures with minimal photographic elements, one can choose PNG. Further, for text pictures, one should make use of PNG. Another way to reduce the file size is to lower the image quality to 80 percent while saving. This will render no visible image degradation and will only decrease the size of the file. This is particularly useful for a page which has many thumbnail pictures. By removing irrelevant metadata such as date, camera used, and last edited details, one can further reduce the file size. Web designers working for a reputed web designing company in Delhi use applications such as Adobe Photoshop and RIOT for adjusting image quality, changing file type, removing unnecessary metadata, and finally comparing the resultant image with the original picture.

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