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Pointers For Designing a Fabulous Website

An organization would not want to have a site that is functionally great but doesn’t appear attractive. Further, one wouldn’t like to have a site which looks beautiful, but is difficult to navigate through. With the help of an eminent website development company Delhi, one can have a well-balanced web interface that would make it simple and easy for viewers to access the information displayed. Listed below are a few pointers that one shouldn’t forget to apply while designing a site:

White space

White space, also known as negative space, refers to a design section which is not filled up with any content or graphics. Often organizations make the mistake of covering every inch of the web page with images and colors. However, this renders a clustered outlook to the site. Hence, it is important to provide white space wherever possible.

Unified Layout


While dramatically, one web page may be different from another, it is important to apply the underlying theme on all the pages to give the site a unified appearance. By availing the services of a web designing company in Delhi, one can give a planned and organized look to the interface.

 Golden Ratio & Balance

golden ratio rectangle

Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion is an example of a classic design which delivers visually stunning websites. By implementing this basic principle, one can craft an appealing interface for its customers. Further, one should also take care of maintaining an overall balance of the layout in a logical fashion.

Screen Resolution

screen resolution

It is of paramount importance to design the layout which offers the ideal width. It is frustrating for a visitor to scroll left and right for viewing the site. For more tips & guidance on screen resolution, one may contact a website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in crafting sites for varied industries and requirements.

Needless to say, there are several other factors which one should keep in mind while crafting a web design. However, the ones mentioned above are often ignored unintentionally. If followed, these pointers will definitely provide inspiration and ideas for a fabulous interface.

Why is it Important to Create Accessible Websites?

The primary reason of creating a website is to cater to the entire audience. However, organizations often forget to incorporate the aspect of accessibility while designing the site. An accessible website is one which enables people with disabilities to view and use the site. For instance, a site may offer high contrast, text only versions, enlarged text, transcripts of audio & media, and other functions that may help visitors with disabilities to view the interface with ease.

website accessibility

While discussing the web project with a website designing company in Delhi, an organization may carefully analyze the means by which they can cater to an audience suffering from weak eyesight, hearing problems, color blindness, movement disability, or complete blindness. One need not make a checklist of all types of disabilities, but can surely look out for ways by which the site is easier for everyone to use. What’s more, statistics reveal that accessible websites reap the benefits of better search results, an enhanced reach to audience, low maintenance costs, and much more. Some of the ways by which an organization can make its site accessible is as follows:

Keyboard Input: This facility comes in handy for those who find it difficult to move the mouse. Senior citizens often face the problem of using the mouse with precision. It enables visitors to view the site by solely relying on the keyboard functionality.

Alternative text for images: For those who suffer from partial or complete blindness and use a screen reader which reads aloud the text displayed on the page, it is essential to provide alt text for images. For expert tips & guidance on such web services, one may contact a web designing company Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in creating functional websites.

Text transcripts for audio files: Such transcripts make the audio information accessible to customers who are hard of hearing.

Today, there are several large companies which focus on offering accessibility. By getting in touch with an eminent website development company Delhi, organizations may create a functional & productive interface for the audience at large.

Tips for Creating an Exceptional Portfolio Site

For any freelance professional, it is imperative to have a portfolio website which displays his/her skills, past projects, and services. Such portfolio sites play a major role in encouraging potential customers & visitors to hire the services of independent professionals.



Listed below are a few aspects which one needs to consider while designing a portfolio site:

Displaying the Best Work

One need not display all the work samples on the website. Instead, one should focus on exhibiting only the best work. Further, it is also important to constantly update the site with more recent project samples to showcase the current skills & expertise.

Call to Action

For creating an effective portfolio site and acquiring new orders, it is important to lead the visitors to an action. This may include using a contact form, free quote, or other tools for lead generation. For more tips & advice on incorporating a button for call to action in a website, one may hire the services of one of the best website designing company Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which possesses a lineup of web experts, design professionals, and technicians having rich experience in web services.

Easy Navigation

User experience is by far the most important aspect to consider while creating a portfolio site. One may want visitors to fill up the contact form, request for a quote, or check samples. However, a visitor will be able to go through these processes only if he/she can easily navigate throughout the site. With the help of a reputed website development company Delhi, one can create a website that offers a great user experience to its visitors.

User Reviews, Testimonials, & Case Studies

Testimonials & reviews from past clients go a long way in influencing visitors and garnering their trust. Additionally, one may also include case studies that would display detailed information about the project, challenges faced, solutions provided, and much more.


In today’s era of tough competition, simply exhibiting the services provided is not enough. One also needs to showcase his skills, abilities, and expertise that renders a competitive edge over his rivals.

By contacting a reliable website designing company in Delhi, one may create a portfolio site which is visually stunning, effective, and productive.

Simple Ways By Which Web Design Helps In High Conversion Rates

There is no denying that SEO and online marketing helps in attracting traffic and increasing the visibility of the business in the online world. However, what is important is to ensure that this traffic converts into loyal customers. In fact, it is a website that directly affects the conversion rate. Below are a few factors in web design that help in achieving this business goal:

Call to Action: This is the most essential aspect of a web design which helps in higher conversion rates. The tendency of the human mind is that it does things only when it is told, requested, or prompted.

Identity: The business name is by far the most important text on a website. Hence, one should take efforts to ensure that it is a memorable one, which instantly connects with the target  audience.

Images & Color Palette: Most web visitors do not have the time or patience to read chunks of text. Images are the best way to convey the message of the site. Further, one should also make use of the right color combinations to appeal the viewers. Smaller sections of content and bold headings & sub-headings make it easier for the reader to understand the true essence of the website.

Responsive: Today’s customers find it easier to access information on their smartphones & tablets. Hence, responsive web design is gradually becoming an essential requirement for most businesses. By availing the services of a website development company Delhi, one may create a mobile deign or a mobile app.

Simplicity: Every web page should display a simple process, ensuring that the user needs to indulge in the least amount of clicks & typing.

Optimization of each web page: With the help of a reliable SEO company in Delhi, one may make use of the right keywords & meta-descriptions, and make sure to optimize each page of the website.

User Reviews: User reviews, testimonials, and ratings help in garnering trust of potential customers. It also enhances the trustworthiness of a product or service.

For best conversion rates, it is always advisable to hire the services of best website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in providing SEO & other web related services.

Amazing Photography Trends In Web Design In 2015

Images play a fundamental role in web design. They not only add aesthetics to the interface, but often communicate a message to the readers. In today’s age of advanced technology, web developers make use of several photography trends while designing a website. Listed below are some of the design forms to look out for in 2015:

Supersized backgrounds

website designing company in delhi

This approach constitutes of placing large background photos with an aim to communicate the message or the true essence of the site. For more tips & advice on how to craft websites having supersized backgrounds, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, which holds a vast experience in delivering efficient web services.

Monochrome Images

Monochrome Images

This design form primarily implies using a non-black color for images. This not only sets the tone of the interface, but also conveys a meaning. For instance, blue color depicts a stable & corporate feeling, red color implies zeal & energy, so on & so forth.

Image as Background & Foreground

Web designers of website development company Delhi often craft websites using a photograph in the background as well as foreground. In such designs, an image fits in the background, with some element of it brought to the foreground. The result is a decorative style of interface with a blended view. Of course, this involves immense planning and coordination amidst the technical team.

Decorative Photos for Setting the Tone

This trendy way of creating a website involves using photographs which do not directly convey anything about the content of the site. The images simply establish the tone & atmosphere, and look creative too.

Muted Images

Adding a dash of vintage feel to the site, muted photographs are mostly faded, with white text written on the top of the image. For more creative concepts in this domain, one may avail the services of a reliable web designing company Delhi.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other ways in which designers may make the best use of photographs for websites. If facilitated correctly, images can deliver stunning beauty as well as a meaningful message to the site visitors.

Top 4 Tips for Attaining High Conversions on E-Commerce

With the ever-increasing trend of online purchasing, web designers have come out with a complete list of design tips that help in attaining higher sales on an e-commerce site. These elements ensure that the customer derives the relevant information and undergoes a great user experience. Below is an insight on the top 4 tips that assist in maximizing conversions:

ecommerce-website design company delhi

Product-Focussed Design

The primary goal of an e-commerce portal is to display its products. Hence, it is important that the site showcases large product images, clear & concise product information, explicit price & shipping costs, and much more. For expert tips & guidance on creating e-commerce sites, organizations may contact a premier web designing company in Delhi.

Promotions on the Home Page

Displaying current promotions on the home page goes a long way in enhancing sales. Ranging from discounted items to free shipping offers and store wide bargains, the organization can provide product images with short descriptions to attract customers. For more ideas for showcasing promotional deals, one may get in touch with one of the best website designing company Delhi.


Testimonials or company reviews are an excellent way of making visitors aware of what the loyal customers think about the brand and the company’s service. Instead of having a separate page for testimonials, organizations can place these reviews on the landing page or product pages.

Effective Navigation

For sites which have a huge inventory of products, it is imperative that they offer effective navigation menus to enable visitors to easily move from one page to another. The site should be well structured and organized with simple drop-downs, search bar, FAQ section, help tab, product menu, and more. For advice on navigation and efficient functioning of the portal, one may avail the services of an eminent website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which carries a vast experience of servicing clients of varied industries.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other design tips for attaining high conversions on an e-commerce site such as offering recommendations, minimal check out page, simple to use add to cart button, and many more.

Basic Tips on How to Select the Right Web Hosting Provider

It Is not suffice to create a visually stunning website; one also needs an efficient web hosting service to facilitate viewers to have a great user experience. One should always remember that every website is unique and has its own requirements. Selecting the appropriate web host is not an easy task. Below is an insight on the basic tips to follow while deciding on the web hosting provider:

best hosting company in delhi


It is important to gather a fair idea of the specialties of the hosting provider to check whether he can cater to the desired requirements. One also needs to figure out if the host has servers that can offer optimal support at all times. For expert services on web hosting, one may contact a reputed website designing company in Delhi.

Customer Service

Like any other product or service, it is imperative to find out if the web host can provide adequate support and deliver a timely response. Poor service will generate a direct impact on the functioning of the site and one may experience frequent downtimes and slow page loading. Support by means of phone, email, online chat, or ticket system can help in resolving issues quickly. For availing excellent services for web hosting, enterprises may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, which holds years of experience and expertise in web based solutions.

Number of Domains

Companies willing to host multiple websites will have to look for a provider that can offer shared hosting plans. This also helps in saving a lot of money as well as the convenience of having all the sites at one place. An eminent web designing company Delhi may provide excellent hosting options at attractive prices.


Price, of course, is one of the major factors influencing the decision of selecting the right web hosting provider. However, if one pays a low price and experiences poor customer service or downtime issues, then it would be advisable to pay a reasonable amount and get excellent support.

There are several other factors which help in choosing the best hosting provider such as availability of email, installers, migration assistance, support for CMS, and many more.

Tips for Creating a Website for Achieving High Conversions

There is no denying that it is only a well-crafted website that can help in maximizing conversions. However, there are various factors which contribute in designing a technically flawless and visually stunning interface. The aim of such websites is always to lure customers and encourage them to buy the product or avail the service at disposal. Below is an insight on the basic tips that help in achieving high conversions:

Call to Action

The ultimate goal of any website is to attract customers and derive a successful call to action. Hence, the interface should be such which would arouse curiosity, intrigue a personal connection, and inspire the visitor to click on the link. Care should be taken that buttons are placed on easy to see locations on the page. Further, the site should have excellent navigation for allowing viewers to freely move from one page to another. For expert tips & advice on creating functional websites, one may contact Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, which holds a vast experience in providing web & SEO services.

creative website design

Structured Architecture

It is imperative to present a structured page content to enable first time visitors have a great user experience. One must remember that the landing page is of paramount importance as it renders an insight on what to expect in the pages to follow.

Great Content

After the initial framework, an organization needs to decide on the tone of writing. Depending upon the product or service, the website may have a sophisticated style of writing or may exude a witty wordplay. With the help of an SEO company in Delhi, the enterprise may select the appropriate writing style to encourage conversions.

Systematic Pages

An organization also needs to focus on proper bundling of various elements of a site to avoid a chaotic & confusing web design. Visitors are always impatient and if they undergo a baffling user experience, they will instantly leave the site and proceed to check out other options.

Building websites for attaining high user conversion rates is not an easy task. It is advisable to avail the services of an eminent web designing company in Delhi.

Factors Worth-Considering While Designing a People-Friendly Website

Google always aims to offer the most relevant searches to its online visitors. Hence, if an enterprise wishes to earn high search rankings, it should create sites that are targeted to satisfy its viewers. Below is an insight on all those aspects which help in crafting people-friendly websites:

website designing company

Defining the Target Audience

The first and foremost thing to do while creating a website is to identify and define the target audience. The organization should be aware as to whom the site will cater to, such as, teenagers, business owners, white-collared employees, or those staying at home. This will help in outlining the layout & style of the interface, and will help in delivering a great user experience.

Responsive Design

Statistics reveal that customers make their searches on PCs as well as mobiles. Hence, Google recommends the creation of smartphone optimized websites. Further, a responsive site demands a simple upkeep and attracts huge traffic.

High Quality Content

Search engines such as Google and others are very particular about the information displayed on a website. Clear, concise, & relevant information attracts readers and entices them to stay on the page. For high quality web content, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, an eminent SEO company in Delhi, which holds a vast experience and expertise in usage of appropriate keywords.

Publishing Images Properly

Images & videos go a long way in attracting traffic to the website. Good quality photographs add to the aesthetics of the interface and render stunning visuals. Further, videos published on YouTube make a website all the more visible in the online world. For more tips & guidance on images, organizations may contact a reputed website designing company in Delhi.

Social Media

In today’s era of cut-throat competition, social media plays a major role in enhancing one’s presence in the internet realm. By availing the services of a reliable web designing company Delhi, an enterprise may place social media buttons in an easy to see location on the site.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are several other aspects that contribute in making a site people-friendly such as blogging, using webmaster tools, and many more.

Importance of Title & Description Tags in SEO

Title & Description Tags play an important role in attracting traffic and enhancing the organic search rankings. In fact, they both play a key role in an effective web design process. Further, from the marketing aspect, both these tags are essential, as they are the first part of the website which is viewed by potential customers. For expert advice on SEO & web design, one may contact a reputed website designing company in Delhi.

title and meta description

There are several factors to consider while creating tags for title & description. Firstly, one should always remember that first-time visitors will make their decision based on the content of these tags. One should think of them as billboard displays. The more attractive they appear, more visitors will be intrigued to click on the link. At times, the search results may be ambiguous, such as the word ‘frames’ may refer to eyeglasses or even photo frames. Hence, it is imperative that these tags display the precise nature of business. Another aspect worth-considering is whether one should include the website URL in the tag itself. Experts are of the opinion that a well-established brand need not resort to the inclusion of the site’s URL. However, struggling brands may opt for this technique. Another excellent way of increasing traffic is to review the tags of rivals & competitors, and replicate their best practices, while focusing on their weak points. Further, some web designers recommend not altering the tags once they are established. This is primarily because the search engine may misunderstand it as a spamming activity. Irrespective of how simple & easy it may sound, creating such tags requires a specific skill-set & technical expertise. A reliable web designing company Delhi, such as, Web Solution Centre, assists companies in getting the optimum number of clicks on search engine results.

The mantra of using a title & meta description effectively is not to clutter it with keywords and ensuring that it is being written for humans who would undertake their decision of clicking based on the content displayed. It is preferable if an enterprise and an eminent website development company Delhi jointly put in efforts to create ideas that will attract the target audience.