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4 Ways That Ensure Fast Loading Speed of Web Pages

One of the primary reasons which inspire visitors to stay on a website is its loading time. A web design may be visually stunning and informative, but if it takes too long to download, the viewer may feel disenchanted.

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Listed below are 4 technical tips which ensure that a web page loads quickly:

1.  Predefining the size of the picture

By availing the services of one of the best website development company Delhi, one can predefine the size of the image, thus ensuring speedy loading of pages. With the use of HTML, one can indicate to the browser the actual size of the image that should appear on the site.

2.   Reusing the same images

Wherever possible, one should use the same images throughout the site. If one picture has been used on the home page as well as a secondary page, the visitor’s browser will remember it and instantly download it. However, care should be taken that the image is used exactly in the same format and size. For instance, if an image is used on one web page, and then again uploaded on another page after reducing its size & changing the name of the file, then the browser recognizes it as two different images. For more tips & guidance in this domain, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, a website designing company in Delhi, which has over a decade of experience in providing the best solutions in web development. This SEO company in Delhi also offers excellent services in branding & online marketing.

3.  Using valid HTML & CSS Code

By validating the HTML & CSS code, one can be assured about the non-occurrence of speed errors. Such validation ensures that the code is ready for the browser.

4.   Application of CSS-based design

CSS based design enables designers to separate the text of the page from its design. As a result, the site uses less code, and delivers faster loading time. On the other hand, table-based design entails more coding, thus directly influencing the speed of the web page.

By incorporating these small yet effective tips, one can attract visitors and influence them for repeat visits.

Why a Web Design Portfolio Is Incomplete Without Some Case Studies

Case studies are generally built for design projects by studios and practicing freelancers all over the world. These case studies can be on various topics from branding, mobile UI/UX design, composting, and web design. A Web Designing Company in Delhi  like Web Solution Centre can help you make such portfolios.

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When it comes to web design, remember that design and case studies go hand in hand. They are made from an educational perspective and will normally include lots of photos and details about the project.

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Here are some basics of case studies you should incorporate while making your own case study on principles or outcomes of web design:

1)     They Are Made Stage-Wise

All case studies highlight achievements and hurdles of each step of the project with supplementary photos, notes and markup to tell the reader about how each challenge was overcome to progress onto the next stage of the development, design or deployment process.

It will also feature sketches; prototypes even rejected ideas and reasons why they were rejected. This tells your prospective recruiter or client about your expertise and experience in your industry.

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2)     Showcase Your Creative Process

By adding supplementary images and sketches along with detailed explanation of each step, you give your client an insight into your overall creative process. It should demonstrate the expanse of your knowledge and shows how much understanding you have for each step of the website development process.

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3)   Showcase Your Creativity

Breakup your design into various sections and explain how you made them with detailed demonstration of the process either through video or audio clips with supplementary text.

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By taking apart the design, you can add tooltips to explain your approach towards different elements of the overall design and how you weigh negative space allocation.

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Also mention the time it took you to complete each artwork, animation or typographic so that your recruiter or client can know that you do not waste time on littered prototypes and you take your design seriously from the beginning.

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4)   You can add personal work

If seeking a job or project is your purpose, it is not necessary to include only client work in the study, you can put in personal work too to show projects you did for fun or how you grew as a designer.

This is called spec work where you add elements as speculation into a study where payment did not fall through but might sell in the future.

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5)     Showcase Your Skill set

It is not necessary that a UI designer knows only how to make websites and mobile applications. Sometimes, they can be good at coding and motion graphics design too which can help you cater to motion graphics or compositing projects alike. For this, you should add a demo reel or show reel into the portfolio too.

These are some basics of Web Design Portfolio that you should showcase inside your case study or portfolio. Add only those projects that you feel showcase your work best. Quality and not quantity is what matters.

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Graphic & Web designing Trends of the Present

Over the years, we have seen that the web design trends keep changing. This is primarily because of constant changes in consumer behavior and the advent of new technologies. The ultimate aim, however, is to provide a great user experience to the viewers.

web designing trends

Listed below are a few graphic & web design trends which are currently prevailing in the market:   

Large Background Images

Whether it’s an e-commerce or a portfolio site, images help in conveying the precise message, as well as engaging the audience. However, care should be taken to avoid using fluffy pictures for adorning the site. In fact, one should make use of natural-looking images which would tell a story or illustrate the message.

Mobile Responsive Sites

Statistics reveal that every third website visitor now owns a smartphone. With more and more people wanting to access their favorite websites on their mobiles or tablets, it has become imperative for companies to come up with mobile responsive sites. Such sites not only give an optimal viewing experience, but also help the company in terms of efficiency & cost-effectiveness.

Video Background

With the introduction of 3D graphics & HD quality videos, it is a good idea to have a video background for the website. Videos help in conveying the idea & emotion in a much simpler way, which can be easily digested by the viewer. For expert tips in this domain one may contact Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, holding a vast experience in providing web solutions to varied segments & industries.

Single Page Design

There is no denying that people find it easier to scroll than to click. Thanks to the excessive mobile phone usage, users prefer to scroll around instead of clicking & waiting for the content to download. This change in browsing behavior led to the advent of single page websites, wherein viewers can access chunks of information at once. For more guidance on creating one- page websites, organizations may get in touch with a reputed website development company Delhi.

With the help of a web designing company Delhi, organizations may incorporate the latest graphic trends in their websites.

3 Basic Tips for Crafting the Perfect Website

Be it a social network, a blogging platform, an e-commerce portal, or an online community, each website is created to fulfill a business goal. A website is of no use if it is not visible and cannot attract traffic.

perfect website

For creating that perfect & effective interface, one needs to consider certain factors, such as:


This is by far the most important goal of creating a website. Hence, the entire focus should aim at converting visitors to leads, fans, or sales. A website basically intrigues a customer to buy a product, opt for a service/free trial, or visit the site regularly. One should apply the conversion optimization best practices to ensure that the site accomplishes its business objectives. For more tips & guidance in this domain, one may contact Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi,


If the viewer doesn’t find the interface usable, he /she would not stick to the site, and look for other options on the web. For instance, it is important to have an excellent navigation menu to enable visitors to smoothly browse the site. While reading an internal page, a navigation menu at the top of the page helps them to easily go back to the home page, or move to another web page.  Another thing to consider is the mobile responsiveness of the website. With more & more people wanting to access the website on their mobile & tablet devices, it has become imperative that a company designs interfaces that offer optimal viewing experience, irrespective of the device used. For expert advice on navigation & usability, one may get in touch with a reputed web designing company Delhi.


Readability is not only about font type & font size, but there is an array of elements that together contribute towards this aspect, such as font size, font type, spacing, line height, paragraphs, sub headings, and more. With the help of a reliable website designing company in Delhi, one may create a site that is readable, and inspires visitors to stick longer.

By incorporating the above-mentioned factors, one can create a website that is productive, efficient, and effective.

Top 4 Tips for Attaining High Conversions on E-Commerce

With the ever-increasing trend of online purchasing, web designers have come out with a complete list of design tips that help in attaining higher sales on an e-commerce site. These elements ensure that the customer derives the relevant information and undergoes a great user experience. Below is an insight on the top 4 tips that assist in maximizing conversions:

ecommerce-website design company delhi

Product-Focussed Design

The primary goal of an e-commerce portal is to display its products. Hence, it is important that the site showcases large product images, clear & concise product information, explicit price & shipping costs, and much more. For expert tips & guidance on creating e-commerce sites, organizations may contact a premier web designing company in Delhi.

Promotions on the Home Page

Displaying current promotions on the home page goes a long way in enhancing sales. Ranging from discounted items to free shipping offers and store wide bargains, the organization can provide product images with short descriptions to attract customers. For more ideas for showcasing promotional deals, one may get in touch with one of the best website designing company Delhi.


Testimonials or company reviews are an excellent way of making visitors aware of what the loyal customers think about the brand and the company’s service. Instead of having a separate page for testimonials, organizations can place these reviews on the landing page or product pages.

Effective Navigation

For sites which have a huge inventory of products, it is imperative that they offer effective navigation menus to enable visitors to easily move from one page to another. The site should be well structured and organized with simple drop-downs, search bar, FAQ section, help tab, product menu, and more. For advice on navigation and efficient functioning of the portal, one may avail the services of an eminent website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which carries a vast experience of servicing clients of varied industries.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other design tips for attaining high conversions on an e-commerce site such as offering recommendations, minimal check out page, simple to use add to cart button, and many more.

Key Elements of High Quality Content On a Website

There is no denying that the use of high-quality content is one of the most essential factors to be taken into consideration while designing a website. Experts are of the opinion that a content can make or break the success of a site. Customers like to visit sites which provide correct, relevant, and explicit information. This not only intrigues the visitor to stay on the page, but also encourages him to return to the site frequently. For creating a useful & engaging website, one may avail the services of an eminent website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, that has a rich talent pool of designers, programmers, and technicians. The key elements of good content are as follows:

Informative: Customers are always on the lookout for updated and authentic information. Organizations should ensure that they provide all the necessary facts & figures about their products and/or services. Further, the enterprise should also render details about their business, operations, contact details, and most importantly, the benefits availed by the customer on the purchase of the product.

high quality content

Engaging: Irrespective of the product or service being sold, the content of the website should be capable of garnering the attention of its visitors. If an organization does not possess an in-house team of skilled writers, it may contact a reputed web designing company Delhi, which holds a vast experience in crafting sites which are visually stunning, informative, and engaging.

SEO Friendly: For enhancing traffic and visibility, one should stringently follow the established rules of search engine optimization (SEO). One should select keywords that can be easily picked up by search engines. This helps in high search rankings of the website. For advice on SEO & keyword usage, one may get in touch with an eminent SEO company in Delhi.

Organizations should always remember that simple, unambiguous, clean, and concise information is the mantra of having good content. However, being overly professional and using company/industry jargons may discourage the viewer from visiting the site. Companies should invest sufficient time & energy to make sure that the content displayed on the website is useful, productive, and effective.