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3 Reasons Why It is Important To Have a Mobile E-Commerce Site

With more and more customers opting for online buying, it has become a necessity for retailers to design a mobile site. This is primarily because smartphone users prefer to use their phones to surf the net. However, while online purchasing, it is important that they are provided with a modern, simple, and easy-to-use interface.

ecommerce website design delhi


Below is an insight on the three prime reasons why online retail brands should switch to responsive design:

1. There is an Increase in Mobile Sales

Statistics reveal that mobile sales is increasing at a fast pace. Organizations which do not have mobile sites may lose out on a lot of potential sales. Another point worth considering is that customers often visit a mobile site for browsing the products, but eventually land up at a desktop or tablet to make the final purchase. This implies that the user faces certain difficulties during the check out procedure. Organizations also need to ensure that the mobile checkout process is simple and easy to use. For more tips in this domain, one may contact a website development company Delhi, such as, Web Solution Centre, which has over a decade of experience in web designing, development, and allied services. This SEO Company in Delhi also offers excellent solutions in branding, marketing, and social media.

2. Customers Want a Responsive Interface

A recent study states that 30% of the customers abandon a brand, if it does not possess a responsive interface. They would prefer to shift to a competitor brand for availing the benefits of browsing on the net through their smartphones. Hence, it is imperative that online retailers ensure that their sites are properly optimized to work on various devices.

3. It Speaks Volumes about the Brand Image

An enterprise which does not offer a mobile site, sends across a message to its customers that it does not care about their needs or business. On the other hand, a responsive interface sends the signals that the organization believes in moving with the trend, and strives hard to fulfill the requirements of its customers. It also portrays a good brand image, and exhibits the company as forward-thinking, active, and successful, which is always on the lookout to improve products and processes to enhance the quality of the lives of its clients.

With the guidance and assistance of one of the best website designing company Delhi, one may craft a wonderful mobile e-commerce site. Here’s a list of Simple Ways to Make a Website Stand Out From Its Competitors

Effective Marketing Tools For Enhancing Conversions

A website serves as a major communication tool, allowing the audience to become aware of the company’s products/services. It also helps in lead generation and subsequent conversions. It is important to employ the best marketing tools for ensuring that the website renders  the desired conversions.

Listed below are a few methods by which companies can achieve their marketing goals:


seo effective marketing

SEO still remains one of the best means of getting quality traffic. With the help of a reliable SEO company in Delhi, one may use the basic techniques of keywords usage and optimize the website.

Social Media

social media

There is no denying that social media has completely transformed the way we interact with our customers. With the help of popular social media networks, one can draw volumes of traffic to the website. However, it is important to provide high-quality & consistent content that would engage and inspire the customers.

Email Marketing

email marketing

A customer subscribing to email alerts gives permission to email him/her for all the latest stories, news, discounts, & bargains. It is likely that the customer would see your mail and engage with your message. In social media, however, there are chances that the news might get lost in the feed and may go unnoticed by the target audience. For more tips on email marketing, one may get in touch with a reliable website development company Delhi, such as, Web Solution Centre, which has a strong team of web experts, designers, and technicians.

A/B Testing

a b testing

This primarily involves testing changes to a website against the current design, to decide which design generates better results. It helps in understanding that whether the changes made to the webpage are improving the conversion rate or not. One should keep in mind that a mere change in color, copy, or call to action can directly influence conversions.



By having a clear understanding of your target audience and their requirements, one can prepare the content of the site, and offer the relevant information that would inspire the customer to purchase the product.

By availing the services of one of the best website designing company Delhi, one may analyze the website strengths, and make changes for better visibility & conversions.

The Importance of Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

A website with great graphics and rich content is of no use if it is not visible on the internet. There are several ways of making one’s business and website garner the attention of customers. Facebook is a spectacular platform for online marketing, which enables a company to reach to a crowd of more than 3 million across the entire globe. Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi assists its clients in creating a Facebook page and utilizing the facilities offered by the site to the fullest. Listed below are a few reasons why one should consider Facebook for online promotion of his/her business:

facebook websolutioncentre

  • Statistics reveal that a Facebook user spends almost 55 minutes on the social media site every day. One hour is a lot of time for any business to grab the attention of its potential customers.
  • Facebook also gives an organization an opportunity to avail the benefits of high search rankings and enhanced visibility. By contacting an SEO Company in Delhi, one can use optimized and informative content, which will definitely pose a positive effect on the search engine results.
  • A Facebook Page enables an enterprise to categorize its products & services, accept followers & fans, and provide an interactive space where customers can ask questions and engage with the organization.
  • If one opts for public content, the real-time search results will exhibit the Facebook page during relevant searches.
  • This social media site works on the dynamics of virtual word-of-mouth publicity. On an average, every Facebook user has 130 friends, and thus, every time a user ‘likes’ the business page, it reflects on the news feed of his/her friends. Hence, each ‘like’ results in the marketing and exposure of the business to another hundred members on the website.
  • Last but not the least, this is a free online marketing tool which offers excellent opportunities for reaching out to the audiences, enhance SEO rankings, and improve visibility of the product/service.

By contacting a website development company Delhi, an organization can utilize Facebook for promoting its business to a large audience at one go.

Top 4 Tips for Attaining High Conversions on E-Commerce

With the ever-increasing trend of online purchasing, web designers have come out with a complete list of design tips that help in attaining higher sales on an e-commerce site. These elements ensure that the customer derives the relevant information and undergoes a great user experience. Below is an insight on the top 4 tips that assist in maximizing conversions:

ecommerce-website design company delhi

Product-Focussed Design

The primary goal of an e-commerce portal is to display its products. Hence, it is important that the site showcases large product images, clear & concise product information, explicit price & shipping costs, and much more. For expert tips & guidance on creating e-commerce sites, organizations may contact a premier web designing company in Delhi.

Promotions on the Home Page

Displaying current promotions on the home page goes a long way in enhancing sales. Ranging from discounted items to free shipping offers and store wide bargains, the organization can provide product images with short descriptions to attract customers. For more ideas for showcasing promotional deals, one may get in touch with one of the best website designing company Delhi.


Testimonials or company reviews are an excellent way of making visitors aware of what the loyal customers think about the brand and the company’s service. Instead of having a separate page for testimonials, organizations can place these reviews on the landing page or product pages.

Effective Navigation

For sites which have a huge inventory of products, it is imperative that they offer effective navigation menus to enable visitors to easily move from one page to another. The site should be well structured and organized with simple drop-downs, search bar, FAQ section, help tab, product menu, and more. For advice on navigation and efficient functioning of the portal, one may avail the services of an eminent website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, which carries a vast experience of servicing clients of varied industries.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other design tips for attaining high conversions on an e-commerce site such as offering recommendations, minimal check out page, simple to use add to cart button, and many more.

SEO Vs SEM! What Should One Choose?

In the online world, we often hear the terms SEO & SEM. While SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEM is the short form of Search Engine Marketing. Irrespective of how similar they may sound, both these techniques are fundamentally different. For best results, organizations may contact a reputed SEO company in Delhi, which may cater to both these services and help in enhancing visibility in the online realm.

SEM refers to the text advertisements that appear at the top or the right side corner on the page of search engine results. These ads mostly follow the Pay Per Click system where payment is made every time a visitor clicks on the ad.  The sequence of ranking may depend upon the highest bid, relevant ads, and other factors. SEO, on the other hand, refers to enhancing the website’s natural as well as organic ranking. This method is comparatively affordable than SEM, but may take some time to deliver decent rankings in the search engine results. There are primarily two types of SEO – On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. While the former includes techniques such as the use of keywords in content, keyword density, title tag optimization, meta tags, sitemap, link structure, quality of content; the latter constitutes quality & relevancy of sites that link to one’s website, number of incoming links, and using keywords in anchor text. For those who do not possess the skill-set or knowledge of practicing these techniques, there is Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, which holds the right expertise & experience for online marketing.


The main advantage of conducting SEM is that one can get instant traffic to the website. However, it is a costly affair, and if SEM is not applied appropriately, it may result in the depletion of the marketing funds and relatively low conversion rates.  SEO is a long term technique which requires high-quality content, a prudent link-building structure, and well-implemented  optimization. Here it is important to note that one should avoid over-optimization of a website. For expert tips & guidance on SEO & SEM, one may avail the services of an eminent website designing company Delhi.

Elements of a Successful Website of a Recruitment Agency

Today, there are a myriad of online recruitment agencies, however, only few of them are able to grab attention of job seekers & employers, by virtue of their user-friendly, fast to use, engaging, and highly functional websites. For expert tips on designing a successful website of a recruitment agency, one may contact a reliable website designing company in Delhi, such as Web Solution Centre, that has a rich expertise & experience in this field.website designing company recruitment agency

The most challenging task of any website is to attract visitors and convince them to return back frequently. For achieving this goal, companies should primarily focus on enabling the job seeker to find an appropriate job without any hassles. If the user gets all the pertinent information quickly, he/she will surely return to the site. Moreover, features such as signing up with social media accounts, emailing the job to a friend, adding job to the shortlist, and sending job alerts that closely match to the search criteria, go a long way in delivering a wonderful experience to the visitor. For expert tips on functionality of an online job site, one may get in touch with an eminent website designing company Delhi.

For employers, the interface should allow them to post jobs directly and make use of featured jobs & personalized job pages. Further, when the job seeker enters information such as skill sets, preferences, & other profile details, he should get data on the most relevant postings, rather than random vacancies. Other factors to consider while web designing for a job hunting company are search-engine friendliness, easy navigation, cross-browser compatibility, simple job posting techniques, fast filtering of job searches, capability of handling traffic seamlessly, and many more. The key to an efficient & productive job search website is to deliver a super-useful & personalized experience to visitors that would compel them to visit the site more often. Further, it is also imperative to analyze data, identify important content, track behavior patterns of users, and make improvements accordingly. It is always advisable to hire the services of the best website designing company in Delhi that can create & maintain the entire web project of its clients.

Author Bio: The author of the above article is Mr. Ramesh Seth, a freelance web designing professional, who loves to share his knowledge on software & web development.

Tips for Creating a Website for a Hospital

Portals are an important part of any business or organization. Even non-profitable organizations need these sites to reach out to their target audience. Hence, be it a hospital or a nursing home or a diagnostic center or even a doctor’s chamber, every organization or individual needs visibility on the internet. We discuss, what factors a Website Designing Company Delhi should make note of, before designing a portal for a hospital. First and foremost, the site should highlight the history and achievements of the medical institution. Patients would trust only a reputed institution; hence, it is important to emphasize on the brand value.

website designing company for hospital

Secondly, organize the website in such a way that it is easy for the patient to navigate through it. The visitor would search contents using the department name, disease, or the doctor’s name. Hence, organize the site accordingly. Thirdly, make the site interactive and make it do basic jobs, such as accept appointment requests. This would not only diminish the need of hospital staff, but it will also help the patient to effortlessly do tasks. Fourthly, a Website Designing Company in Delhi must put in meaningful and valid content, such as profiles of doctors, symptoms of diseases, awards, patient testimonials, research advancements, news articles, clinical trials, video clips, and more. Fifth, they must use SEO tactics to make the portal feature in the top rankings of search engines. This is the only way to increase the visibility of the site and make it accessible to a large audience. Next, using quick links for segments which are popular, such as women’s health, pediatrics, and more is also a good idea. Last but not the least, the site must allow changes.

There are a lot of developments that keep happening in the hospital and the institution will require making changes regularly. It is hence, imperative to contact a reliable Web Designing Company in Delhi that would create the pertinent site that would build a credible reputation for the institution. Web Solution Centre is one such company that offers a host of services, including web hosting, SEO, SMO, and more. Contact them for all your designing needs and be rest assured to get a matchless product.

Author Bio: Mr Shekhar Yadav works in a reputed medical institution and has good knowledge about IT too.

Tips for Creating a Website for a Small Business

Portals have become an important part of the marketing strategy of any business. Irrespective of the size of the business, it is important to invest in creating a site, as this increase the credibility of the business. With many Web Designing Company in Delhi offering enticing rates, owners of small businesses are also now developing portals to promote their products and services. To create a portal for such organizations, the Website Development Company Delhi must incorporate the following factors in the project. First, good content is essential.

website design small business


The visitor gets attracted to meaningful content and hence every website should offer interesting and significant content. Secondly, do not use wrong tactics to get the portal to feature at the top of the search engines. This may get good short-term results, but in the long run, the search engine would remove the site totally. Hence, use correct methodologies and create the product accordingly. Thirdly, make the layout of the site attractive so that it attracts visitors. Structure the portal properly.

This will not only help the visitor to browse through effortlessly, but it will also help the search engine to scan the portal easily. Fourthly, create a site that can reach out to the maximum audience, including differently-abled people. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has laid the guidelines for construction of sites, so that it reaches to the maximum number of people. A good designing organization would follow these guidelines. In short, create a site which is good to look at, use images & videos wherever possible and structure it well. Next, do not fall prey to unnatural linking.

Do not unnecessarily link your site to that of others to gain priority on the search engine rankings. Use relevant links throughout the portal. Also a link from another site, especially one which contains text and points to the topic of the site is of great help. Select Web Solution Centre, the Best Website Designing Company Delhi for all your designing needs. This organization consists of a team of experienced professionals who take care of all the factors mentioned above, as well as many other aspects too, to create a good portal

User Friendly Web Designs Reach Customers Worldwide

Do you want to increase your marketing range by new methods? Is your product catering to the needs of high volume of customers? Then your next move should be on creating a website for your company. On doing this one can get customers all over the world for their product.  Nowadays we can witness a rapid growth in Online Marketing Methods. This is due to the increase in the number of internet users and the awareness among the people. Everyone irrespective of age and class uses online services for buying any commodity. It is very easy and simple to locate a brand or a product of our own choice and buy them immediately. There is different easy mode of payments available on websites to the convenience of the customers. This latest trend has made the total process of shopping very simple and less time constraint.

The Key Features a Web Designing Company Should Posses: A web design of a company should be unique and contain all details about the company’s positive aspects. It should be user friendly to make customers understand the importance of their brand. All these are completely in the hands of the Web Designers who are responsible for giving a remarkable progress. The Web Designer should be a qualified professional and should have deep knowledge and experience in this field. He should be able to analysis all kinds of products of different companies very easily. The web designing company should have skilled persons who can work in a creative way and make the website design unique from their competitors. They should be able to create website in such a way that it should be in the Top rank in famous search engines. User friendly websites has its own advantages in the progress of a company. A good Web Designing Company should always understand what their clients need and add extra ideas to bring out an excellent design.

Tips on selecting a good web designing company: There is a high competition in the field of Web Designing and development. Choosing one among the best is the difficult task but it is important to have a good performer to do this job. One has to collect details about the company’s knowledge and experience in this field. It will be better to go for professionals who also undertake global web designing projects so that they will have good knowledge about worldwide products. The company should give an effective output in stipulated time with an affordable cost slabs. The photography part of the products and the visual graphics and animations should be done with expert’s guidance. The total content of the website should be projected with beautiful combination of highlighters and attract the customers to view them.

The Web Designing Company Delhi is known for its creativity, experience in the field, variety in the pattern of the content, analytical approach towards the product, skilled people in graphic designs and animations, consistency in quality, maintaining timeframe and budget and client satisfaction. They can take your product to worldwide market and make your sales to reach great heights. The Web Designing Company Delhi is covering almost all areas of web designing and they are sure to bring a great change in your company.