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Host Subdomain Name on Different Web Hosting

Host website on a server is easy thing to do and today almost everyone know’s how to do it.Recently we tried to host on different server because of huge amount of data we were having on one of our client’s domain name and faced lots of issues while doing the same.

Reason being limited space provided  on dedicated servers make impossible to continue on single hosting. It becomes super essential to have separate hosting on different servers to get the opportunity to have more web space along with security of data.

As like everyone we thought initially it would be easy to connect different hosting with sub domain name however when we start working on it, We faced lots of issues as we found it is not easy to create multiple hosting on a same domain name. After several attempts we got succeeded and would like to share with everyone!
So in order to host sub-domain name on different host. Follow the following steps :-

1.  Open Web Hosting  Panel like for example websitename.com/cpanel. ( It’s not necessary that your control panel URL is going to be same as mentioned example.)  Once your hosting panel is opened find out the Advanced DNS Zone Section.

linux hosting panel

2. Once it opened Insert the desired sub domain which you would like to connect with new hosting. After inserting sub domain name insert the default TTL value ’14400′. Select Type as ‘A’ and after selecting Type as ‘A’ record insert the I.P address of your new hosting and click on Add record.

advanced dns zone editor

Once the record is added. Kindly wait for 24-48 hours to propagate sub domain name with I.P address. Once it done go ahead and create hosting for sub domain name.


Basic Tips on How to Select the Right Web Hosting Provider

It Is not suffice to create a visually stunning website; one also needs an efficient web hosting service to facilitate viewers to have a great user experience. One should always remember that every website is unique and has its own requirements. Selecting the appropriate web host is not an easy task. Below is an insight on the basic tips to follow while deciding on the web hosting provider:

best hosting company in delhi


It is important to gather a fair idea of the specialties of the hosting provider to check whether he can cater to the desired requirements. One also needs to figure out if the host has servers that can offer optimal support at all times. For expert services on web hosting, one may contact a reputed website designing company in Delhi.

Customer Service

Like any other product or service, it is imperative to find out if the web host can provide adequate support and deliver a timely response. Poor service will generate a direct impact on the functioning of the site and one may experience frequent downtimes and slow page loading. Support by means of phone, email, online chat, or ticket system can help in resolving issues quickly. For availing excellent services for web hosting, enterprises may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, one of the best website designing company Delhi, which holds years of experience and expertise in web based solutions.

Number of Domains

Companies willing to host multiple websites will have to look for a provider that can offer shared hosting plans. This also helps in saving a lot of money as well as the convenience of having all the sites at one place. An eminent web designing company Delhi may provide excellent hosting options at attractive prices.


Price, of course, is one of the major factors influencing the decision of selecting the right web hosting provider. However, if one pays a low price and experiences poor customer service or downtime issues, then it would be advisable to pay a reasonable amount and get excellent support.

There are several other factors which help in choosing the best hosting provider such as availability of email, installers, migration assistance, support for CMS, and many more.